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Web Pic - Harrison 2001

george harrison dies

george harrison dies from cancer at the home of Paul McCartney in los angeles, California (Age 58)

event Date:

2001 nov


Web Pic - Cirque Du Soleil 2016

theatrical production: "love"

an idea that began with george harrison, cirque Du soleil reproduced and reimagined beatles music with circus-based artistic performance at the mirage hotel and casino in las vegas, nevada.

event Date:

2006 June


Web Pic - Love LP

album: "love"

"love" soundtrack remix album produced by george martin and his son giles martin.
it was the final musical project for george martin.

release Date:

2006 nov


Web Pic - Norman Smith

norman smith dies

eMI Sound engineer norman "hurricane" smith dies from natural causes in sussex, england (age 85)

event Date:

2008 march


Web Pic - Allen Klein

allen klein dies

beatles business manager allen klein dies from respiratory failure in new york, new york (age 77)

event Date:

2009 july


Web Pic - George Martin

george martin dies

beatles producer george martin dies from natural causes in wiltshire, england (age 90)

event Date:

2016 march


Web Pic - Eight Days a week - Film

film: "eight days a week"
(the touring years)

documentary film directed by ron howard about the beatles touring years 1962 - 1966

release Date:

2016 sept


Web Pic - Geoff Emrick

geoff emerick dies

eMI sound engineer geoff emerick dies from a heart attack in
los angeles, california (age 72)

event Date:

2018 oct


Web Pic - Phil Spector

phil spector dies

"let it be" LP producer phil spector dies from complications from COVID-19 in a san joaquin county, california prison (age 81)

event Date:

2021 jan


Web Pic - Get Back sessions

TV broadcast: "get back sessions"

peter jackson's first episode of the beatles "get back sessions" mini-series begins streaming on disney+. the other two episodes aired on each of the following days.

release Date:

2021 nov