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Web Pic - 4 by the Beatles 1995

u.S. eP Single: Record Release

previously released recordings
4 by the beatles: "baby it's you" "i'll follow the sun" "devil in her heart" "boys"

u.S. Release Date:

1995 april


Web Pic - Anthology

the beatles anthology

3 feature length episodes premiered on the ABC television network between november 19th - 23rd 1995.
u.K. premier: november 26, 1995
3 Double-Album Anthology Vinyl & CD Sets
Documentary book, Laser-disc & DVD video box Sets

u.S. Release Date:

1995 nov


Web Pic - Anthology 1

album: "anthology 1"

recordings from the beatles days as the quarrymen, the decca audition and the early beatles recording sessions. recordings include pete best, stu sutcliffe and the hamburg germany tour

Release Date:

1995 nov


Web Pic - Free As A Bird

song: "Free As A Bird"

Single: B-Side "christmas time (is here again)"
u.S. release date: december 12, 1995

u.K. Release Date:

1995 dec


Web Pic - Real Love

song: "Real Love"

Single: B-Side: "baby's in black (live)"
u.S. release date: march 23, 1996

u.K. Release Date:

1996 March


Web Pic - Anthology 2

album: "Anthology 2"

rarities, outtakes and live performances from 1965 - 1968

Release Date:

1996 march


Web Pic - Anthology 3

album: "anthology 3"

rarities and studio session outtakes from 1968 - 1970

Release Date:

1996 oct